Supported and took part in the Emergency Olympiad.

Cardiovascular and blood pressure problems, as well as injuries, are becoming more common as our lifestyles change and urbanization and technology advance. According to experts, the demand for emergency care is increasing in tandem with this. As a result, Max Group is concerned about the quality of future human resources in this critical sector.

Макс Групп нийгмийн хариуцлагын хүрээнд, “Эрүүл Монгол” хөтөлбөрийг тэргүүлэх чиглэлүүдийн нэг болгон хэрэгжүүлж байна.

Max Group is implementing the Healthy Mongolia program as one of its priorities as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Яаралтай тусламжийн олимпиадыг хоёр дахь жилдээ дэмжиж ажиллалаа

Our social responsibility programs are divided into five categories: Green Mongolia, Positive Mongolia, Intelligent Mongolia, Proud Mongolia, and Healthy Mongolia. We have been supporting the Emergency Olympiad for the second year in a row. The Emergency Medicine Olympiad was held for the second time this year among students from all medical universities. The Olympiad was attended by 180 students from 45 teams from five universities, including the National University of Medical Sciences, Dornogovi, and Gobi-Altai branches of the School of Medicine, Ach Medical University, and Etugen University.

   Илүү Сайхан Монголын Төлөө!

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