Khan Altai Resources LLC, the project’s implementer, is working hard to create a sustainable infrastructure based on the Khan Altai gold deposit, as well as complete mining, processing, and enrichment plants. By developing this project, the largest gold processing plant will be built, that will have the advanced technology to process and produce gold bars with the minimum environmental impact. The project will create hundreds of workplaces and will benefit not only the community of that region but the overall economy of the country.

Max Oil LLC was founded in 2013 with the primary goal to supply the domestic needs of oil products. We have a production sharing agreement signed by the Government of Mongolia and have been carrying out the oil exploration in the “Arbulag 29” site in Sukhbaatar province.
The area is close to the border with significant infrastructure advantages. Thus, the construction of an oil refinery plant with 100 percent national investment, as well as expansion of oil exploration and production activities, will be a step toward our goal to meet domestic needs.
Organization: Max Oil LLC
Activity: Oil exploration
Projects: Max oil project