Dear business partners, customers, consumers, herders, farmers, and everyone else who collaborates with us. We, as your brothers and sisters, sincerely greet you and wish you a prosperous development, as well as a purpose-filled with ambition.

Our history begins in 1992 when two brothers laid the foundation of their first business in the trading industry. As of today, we are successfully leading in the mining, dairy, F&B, retail, hospitality, construction, and infrastructure development. We have been contributing to the development of our country and achieved great success as a result of domestic investment, the intellect, and the hard work of our team. Furthermore, many significant mining projects have been launched, which will have a significant impact on the country’s economy, the prosperity of the western region, and the well-being of the population.

We established our 2050 development goals and objectives to strengthen the values we create together, and we are working hard to ensure the future well-being of our organization.

Let’s develop and promote together for a better Mongolia!


President, Chairman of the Board of Directors


General Director