President of ‘Max’ Group D.Ganbaatar awarded with ‘Hero of Labor’

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of private entities in Mongolia, President of ‘Max’ Group D.Ganbaatar was awarded with the title, ‘Hero of Labor’, according to a decree issued by President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga. He was awarded with the honorable title for his consistent hardwork over the last 30 years in the Mongolian business sector and leadership in the development of the sectors of food production, trade, agriculture, road, tourism, and construction.

To briefly note of the achievements of President of ‘Max’ Group D.Ganbaatar in his career in business:

D. Ganbaatar took his first step in starting his own business by making hats and coats with marmot fur together with his trusted brother D.Tserenjigmed using their mother’s sewing machine and establishing a private entity named ‘Durgun’ in the 90s when Mongolia had just transitioned into a market economy, and running a canteen at the Ulaanbaatar Public Library named after D.Natsagdorj by making and selling his own khuushuur. Having started off as a small business involving trade and food production, his business continuously expanded and has created over 2,500 job opportunities as ‘Max’ group brought together over 20 companies specializing in tourism, road, construction, mining, and oil as well as the leading dairy producing factory of Mongolia – ‘Suu’ JSC and a model agricultural complex.

He is meritorious for taking various important measures for the country’s business sector, such as establishing the first fast food restaurant chain in Mongolia ‘Berlin burger’ and the first supermarket chain ‘Max’ as well as being the first to open a global hotel chain.

During the time when import products were dominating the dairy section in grocery stores, the ‘Max’ Group made a decision that was not only bold but also virtuous in the year of 2006. As the group’s executives collectively agreed that Mongolians should not be consuming expensive, imported milk as having millions of livestock in the country, the group made an investment in ‘Suu’ JSC that used to be in the ownership of the capital city. As a result, the dairy factory’s equipment was upgraded and the capacity to collect milk from herders was increased, boosting the factory’s production and pushing out imported milk from the domestic market. Thanks to the decision, Mongolian companies now fully meets the domestic demands and are moving towards exporting their milk and milk products to foreign markets. Today, ‘Suu’ JSC provides over 70 percent of the demand for milk in Ulaanbaatar city, and produces over 50 types of dairy products, including yoghurt and ice cream that meets the modern demands of consumers besides satisfying international standards. Having developed to the point of becoming the defining body for the development of Mongolian milk and milk products, the company supports over 2,500 herders and their families by providing them with regular income and serving as a source of livelihood.

From the initial road construction that took place in 2009, the group has built over 600 km of roads including the road connecting Undur khaan and Munkhkhaan soums of Sukhbaatar aimag, the road for oil transportation in Dornod aimag and the road for coal transportation of Erdenes Tavantolgoi, and the highway connecting Khushig Valley with Ulaanbaatar city, as well as over 100 thousand square meters of residential and commercial property. With their motto as ‘For a better Mongolia‘, these are clear examples of how ‘Max’ Group values being a righteous company with correct attitude, socially and environmentally friendly, and having a positive impact.

In 2015, a horse named, ‘Mongolian Saturday’, that was owned by President of ‘Max’ Group D.Ganbaatar won the Breeders’ Cup World Championships’ Turf Sprint, which was a proud milestone in the history of horsemen Mongolians as the strength and speed of Mongolian horses were made known internationally through the achievement. Following the initial great achievement of Mr. Ganbaatar, many great horses trained by Mongolians have won over 60 races in the US. From this, it is apparent that he is not just a well-known horse owner but also is a Mongolian putting great efforts into making the admirable skills of Mongolian horse trainers well known throughout the world alongside highly valuing the traditions and heritage of Mongolia.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that several projects expected to yield satisfactory results are currently being implemented in the sectors of energy, road, construction, and mining in aims of making significant contributions to the development of the country’s western region. For instance, a project on establishment of a cement plant with annual capacity of 180 thousand tons has been launched in 2019, with aims to create 200-300 jobs in the region.

May the future endeavors of President of ‘Max’ Group D.Ganbaatar who works ‘For a better Mongolia’ continue to successful!


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