“Маx Agro” LLC was established in 2008 for the purpose of planting and harvesting wheat in the Selenge province and to supply organically grown crops to the domestic market. The company utilizes the most modern farming techniques, technology and machinery in its operations. As company operations expand, Max Agro intends to satisfy the domestic market with organically grown wheat harvests. Max Agro has continued to improve its operations by adding irrigation systems to improve crop yield and output.

We strive to rid the excess imported dairy and dry milk powder from other countries. Our aim is to support Mongolia in becoming an exporting country rather than a country dependant on imports. The first step of the project was to import high-yield dairy cows capable of producing milk 300 out of 365 days. The cows are now capable of supplying SUU JSC with fresh milk all year round.




Boroogiin zadgai, Kherkh 4th bag, Mandal province, Selenge aimag