Max Group first started its operations in 1992 with import, trade and services, and as of today, it has expanded into food production, construction, road, infrastructure, engineering, mining, heavy industry, and hospitality business, and has now become one of the leaders in the business sector with 16 subsidiaries and affiliated and invested companies.

In terms of organizational structure, there are four main industries such as Retail & Tourism, Dairy Industry, Infrastructure & Construction Industry, Mining & Heavy Industry and a total of 4,000 employees work in business development, production, and construction in all business aspects of Max Group.

In addition, the group has launched many important projects what will have a real impact on the economy of the country, the development of the western region, and the lives of the people.

We at Max Group work together under the slogan of “For a better Mongolia” and work towards shared values and mutual respect, while the organization adheres to the principle of being HUMAN-CENTERED and gives special importance to creating opportunities for employees to develop their knowledge and skills.

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Human-centered, shared values for a better Mongolia.


In 2030, Max Group will become a NATIONAL DEVELOPER, accounting for 5% of Mongolia’s GDP.


We will conduct our business activities with the following shared values human-centered, environmentally friendly, good governance and with business ethics.


Treat all participants equally, respectfully and politely.

Responsible for their work, for the interests of others, and the environment.

We will create a better Mongolia with shared values.

Leadership begins with mutual respect.
Every employee treats the owner with kindness.
The development of the company is based on shared values.
Supports initiative, passion and creativity.