In the 13 years since its establishment, Max Urguu LLC has successfully implemented over 30 projects that have added quality and beauty to the city’s development. As a result, between 2010 and 2017, our company was listed “Best Construction Enterprise” four times for constructing office, commercial, and service buildings, standard and luxury housing, and international hotel chains. Furthermore, by introducing the British standard BS8110, the 220k Residence luxury apartment was named the best construction project of 2017.
Under the mission “For a Better Mongolia,” we are combining knowledge and experience with cutting-edge technology to make a significant contribution to Mongolia’s development.

Max Group invested in Arj Capital LLC, a road maintenance company, and made technological advancements. As a result, we’ve gotten into the infrastructure and construction business. Since then, Max Road LLC and Arj Capital have merged to form the industry leader, with over 300 full-time employees.
In the past, under international and government projects and programs, we have built and commissioned more than 600 km of paved roads, reinforced concrete bridges, and four-lane road projects with the most recent drainage systems in rural and urban areas.

Recent year’s major developments:
Undurkhaan: Choibalsan direction – 143 km paved road
Toson Uul 19th area: Bayankhoshuu port direction – 104.6 km paved road
Ulaanbaatar: Khushig valley direction – 3.2 km highway
Bayankhongor:  Altai direction – 126.7 km paved road