MAXLINE LLC is one of Mongolia’s largest distributors of lifestyle brands focusing primarily on fashion and lifestyle products. The company also offer tenant services to shopping mall, MAXMALL. MAXMALL, a 5-storey retail building with two basement floors, is located in Bayangol district highly populated area of the capital city ULAANBAATAR. As the largest mall in the Bayangol district, the mall caters to the daily shopping needs of the residents in the area. MAXMALL is a place where families and friends come to meet, chit-chat, and hang out with their neighbors while letting their kids play in a safe environment.

MAXMALL is a perfect unwinding place where parents can come every day to enjoy outdoor activities, pamper themselves, have coffee while giving their kids an opportunity to improve their talents and creativity. Offering a variety of lifestyle shops and healthy dining options for city dwellers, the design for “Value driven” inspiration from the cultural elements of Mongolia as well as the cosmopolitan vibe of Ulaanbaatar city.




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MAXMALL, 2nd Floor
Shangri-la Mall, 2nd Floor