For the 15 th year in a row, we have cheered up visually disabled elders

The Max Group and other organizations presented gifts to 600 visually impaired people just before the Lunar New Year, which is a big celebration in our country.

More than 90% of the blind live in extreme poverty as a result of a lack of employment opportunities. Ulaanbaatar also has approximately 2,500 blind people. Blind people live on a monthly allowance of 155,000 MNT due to a lack of employment.

Макс Группийн ПиАр менежер Г.Пэлжидмаа:

Every household should joyfully celebrate the Lunar New Year. As a result, Max Group is taking part in this event for the 15th time in a row. During this time, we have assisted over 2,000 elders. This year, 300 elderly people received Lunar New Year food assistance.

Монголын Хараагүйчүүдийн Үндэсний Холбооны тэргүүн Д.Гэрэл:

Many businesses lend a helping hand to this event to honor the elderly. According to a survey of blind people, the vast majority of them live in poverty. They are unable to find suitable employment. The majority of them rely on welfare payments to make a living. Thank you to the socially responsible organizations that have provided these people with gifts for the Lunar New Year.

Илүү Сайхан Монголын Төлөө!

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