One of the first dairy factories in Mongolia, “SUU” JSC, was established in December 1958 as part of the USSR’s technical and economic cooperation to supply milk and dairy products to the capital city. The factory, which had a capacity of producing 30 tons of milk per day at the time, relocated to its current location in 1985 and was renovated. During the 1992 national privatization movement, it became a state-owned joint-stock company and was listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange. D.Ganbaatar and D.Tserenjigmed, the “Brothers of Max Group,” purchased a controlling share in Suu JSC in 2008 based on its patriotic beliefs that “Mongolians have millions of dairy cattle, so we shall not import expensive milk.” As a result, domestic production of milk and dairy products expanded rapidly, and the market dominance of imported milk came to an end.
Processing with modern advanced technology providing over 70 different types of milk and dairy products to the entire population and residents of the capital city. In 2009, a milk processing plant was established in Batshireet, Khentii province, and a branch of the processing plant was established and expanded in Erdenet, Orkhon province, in 2011. “Suu” JSC collects and processes 20 million liters of milk from 2,500 herders and farmers each year.
All stages of milk production and trade have been developed according to ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO45001, and OHSAS18001 standards, and have been continuously improving.
To fulfill its social responsibilities, “Suu” JSC upholds its vision, mission, and values by producing healthy, high-quality, and safe food for the nation’s health. We are working hard to put in place a policy of sustainable development that takes into account all environmental, social, and economic factors.

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Max Group intends to convert Mongolia’s dairy industry from an importer to an exporter. In 2014, the “Max Agro” comprehensive livestock integrated farm was established in Mandal town, Selenge province, to accomplish this objective. As part of the project, we have brought more than 600 high-yielding dairy cows from European countries. As a result, fresh milk can be supplied continuously throughout the year’s four seasons. At the same time, we are carrying out agricultural operations such as corn production, which is the primary feed for dairy cows.

MAX Group’s geological exploration companies have been operating since 2010 in reconnaissance, geological exploration, resource estimation, and are responsible for the project’s entire research and development from mining to processing. As of today, the Khan Altai gold project, Ereenbudagt copper project, and Altai cement lime production projects have been developed from our geological exploration companies.

Organization: Khan Urnud Mining LLC, Marco Polo LLC, Land Ore LLC
Activity: Geological exploration, professional consultancy & management
Projects: Khan Altai gold project, Ereenbudagt copper project, Durvuljin lime & cement plant project