48% of Max’s employees are women

Max Group employs 2,500 people, 48 percent of whom are women, and 51 percent of those at the top management are women. Many activities are being carried out within the framework of the Group’s Human Resources and Social Responsibility policy to ensure gender equality in the workplace and to prevent violations of women’s rights.

  • When hiring and promoting new employees, maintain gender balance at all levels.
  • Maintain employment for employees on maternity leave.
  • An emphasis is placed on the non-discriminatory treatment of employees when determining salaries, bonuses, supplies, and benefits.

In the future, we aim to establish a women’s club to support our female employee’s leadership and career development, and we have launched a special adaptation program for employees returning from maternity leave. Happy International Women’s Day to all the proud women of Max Group who work in over ten industries, including manufacturing, services, trade, mining, and construction, and who strive to make Mongolia a better place!

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